You need a metal part that’s produced efficiently and with great repeatability. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it needs to be affordable and made on schedule. It sounds like you need custom roll forming.


A great roll formed part has: 

  • Uniform shape from end-to-end
  • A simple punch pattern, or no holes
  • Commercially-available metal specs
  • Long length

To help you design a fantastic roll formed component, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, How To Design a Great Part With Custom Roll Forming. You’ll learn about best practices for making an affordable, streamlined roll form part. 

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Efficient and Affordable Roll Forming Design

In making a great roll formed part, you’ll want:

Readily Available Materials

A great roll formed part will be made of a material that’s readily available in coil or sheet form. This is the easy part. The hard part is choosing a metal that can tolerate bending to the desired radius. In general, the more ductile the better.


Generous Tolerances

The #1 rule of tolerances for efficient and affordable parts is to make them as loose as possible while maintaining proper functionality and quality expectations. 

Compatible Design

Follow the 10 design “rules” as closely as possible. To learn more, grab your guide today!