Architectural Metal Moulding Catalog: Design Ideas for Walls, Windows, Doors, & Floors

Decorative mouldings are one of those architectural design elements that can catch your eye without you even knowing it. If they were removed, our interior spaces would look incomplete and unfinished. This is especially true when it comes to metal trim moulding.

If you’re looking for a way to add timeless and elegant features to your next architectural project, consider Dahlstrom Metal Mouldings. Fill out the form on the right to get a copy of our catalog. 

For over 100 years, Dahlstrom has been known to generations of architects who have worked on some of the most recognized commercial buildings in history.

Here at Dahlstrom, we offer a selection of 1,400+ standard decorative metal moulding profiles -- all available for manufacture. 

Due to the endless variety of decorative metal mouldings we produce, we keep very few of these profiles in stock. Most of our metal moulding profiles are made-to-order, to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We produce decorative metal moulding profiles in a variety of metals, including: 

  • Commercial steel
  • Galvanized steel 
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass 
  • Bronze
  • Copper

Metal mouldings add impressive value to your project, whether you’re an architectural engineer or an interior designer. Those seeking high-end quality for their product will benefit in almost every case from choosing metal mouldings over wood. That’s why designers frame windows, doors, and storefronts with metal; and accent living spaces with metal baseboards, chair rails, cornices, and vertical battens.

With a little help from Dahlstrom, you can add metal mouldings to all facets of your project!

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Use the sections below to narrow your metal moulding search:

Section 1 (Pages 1-26)

Channels, angles, hats, clips, trim, “z”s

Section 2 (Pages 27-45)

Panel profiles, stops, scribes, base profiles, glass stops

Section 3 (Pages 46-64)

Casings, pilasters, astragals, mullion casings, muntins

Section 4 (Pages 65-76)

Picture mouldings, wire mouldings, cornices, handrails

Section 5 (Pages 77-89)

Trim profiles, curtain slats, corner shapes, hooks, miscellaneous

Section 6 (Pages 90-98)

Windshield tubing, window moulding, glass channels, trim



Since 1904, the Dahlstrom® name has been synonymous with an accepted standard of excellence in custom roll formed products.

Our decorative metal mouldings have adorned architecture such as the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building.

If you are unable to find the shape you require in our catalog, Dahlstrom® can design & produce a new custom component that meets your specifications.