At Dahlstrom, we know that seeing our beautiful metal mouldings in person is much more impressive than talking about them. To make that happen, we gladly send samples upon request.


  • Take a look through our catalog or online store
    • Choose a moulding you like
    • Fill out and submit the request form
  • OR — call us at 716.664.2555 with the following information
    • Dahlstrom part #
    • Preferred Material (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.)
    • Preferred quantity (4″ pcs only)
    • Your “ship-to” address

Over a century of work in the roll form industry has left Dahlstrom with a massive inventory of 1600+ tool sets; some of which have not be used since the 1940’s. For this reason, we ask that you understand we may not have samples of every moulding in our catalog.

Dahlstrom handles sample inquiries & payment on a case-by-case basis.

Our samples are 4” long and typically made of steel.